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Odds are they won’t think it’s weird that you’re getting off with your clothes on—they’ll think it’s hot! Dry sex implies you aren’t exchanging any fluids, but that doesn’t mean all your clothes have to stay on. It’s a sexual high running through your whole body that creates a massive buildup of delicious tension.

So, if you feel the urge to rip your partner’s shirt off and strip each other down until you’re grinding in your undies, all power to you! As we mentioned, dry sex can be performed with varying amounts of clothes on.

This happens because, duh, your clit is being grinded to perfection.

If you are hot on your lover, catching a rhythm and feeling sexy, feel free to cross that finish line.

Do practice good body language and it will positively affect the tone of your voice and even boost your confidence level. While you will not see the interviewer face to face, you will feel more composed, aware and ready to take on the day after the interview is complete.

Keep communication open and let your man know what feels good and where he’s hitting your nether regions best.

[Read: Clitoris stimulation: 10 sexy ways to please the clitoris] DON’T: Hide your orgasm from your partner.

This is a lot more common than you think, especially for teenagers.

For more direct stimulation, spread your labia from under your panties and have him press against you.

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Here are three of the best positions for getting off with your clothes on.

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