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This promising early finding, if validated through final results of the study, may lead to enhanced family programming that includes marriage and relationship education as a means to promote more prosocial behaviors in children.Substantial evidence supports the salient role of interparental functioning in predicting adjustment and well-being in children (Cummings & Davies, 2002; Grych & Fincham, 2001; Grych, Harold, & Miles, 2003; Junttila, Vauras, & Laakkonen, 2007; Ladd, 1999).An initial cohort of 80 primarily African American, low-income parents participated in a quasi-experimental study as either participants in a relationship education program or as participant controls.Relationship education participants completed a 6-week community education program focusing on couple and co-parenting dynamics and relationship quality.So cut down those silly psychological frustrations and learn, forget and also forgive your family or friends- because just like you- they too have just family life.

Early Childhood Research & Practice is in the process of moving to the early childhood special education program at Loyola University Chicago after 17 years at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.We are delighted by the opportunity to “pass the torch” to our Loyola early childhood colleagues. Kirkland, Emily Moye Skuban, Francesca Adler-Baeder, Scott A.Ketring, Angela Bradford, Thomas Smith, & Mallory Lucier-Greer Auburn University Research indicates that the quality of co-parenting and couple relationships has an impact on parenting and on children's development, including their social skills and academic abilities.Only recently have experiences of more diverse populations in RME been examined (Adler-Baeder, Bradford, Skuban, Lucier-Greer, Ketring, & Smith, 2010; Cowan, Cowan, Pruett, Pruett, & Wong, 2009; Hawkins & Fackrell, 2010).The effectiveness of implementing RME with couples from more diverse populations has been demonstrated recently in the work of Cowan, Cowan, Pruett, Pruett, and Wong (2009).

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In a recent 10-year follow-up study of this sample, the authors reported that children whose parents participated in a RME program prior to the child’s kindergarten entry showed lower rates of externalizing symptoms (for example, aggressive behaviors and hyperactivity) than the children of families who were in the control group (Cowan et al., 2011).

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