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I hadn't used it in a few days so didn't realise it had been suspended.RSVP had sent this email to the people I had been in contact with - detailing my 'suspicious activity' and advised that they should no longer contact me.

The people I’ve met on the site have been ok though!! This so called website and app is preying on lonely hearts join a free app like tinder or POF plenty of fish.Now in order to chat to this new guy, I had had to buy stamps in order to communicate with him, as I had used up my two free stamps with other guys who had not replied anyway. You may exchange free kisses with members, however to actually start a conversation with what I thought was a potential and genuine match (obviously leading to a potential date), I had to fork out more money just to get the conversation started.This latest " rejection " comes off a string of rejections I had had through online dating, and frankly I can't take much more of it. I just want to meet a man that is BRAVE and not a COWARD when it comes to talking with women.I have argued my case on a moral basis but RSVP have refused my refund due to their policy stating that I should've been aware that the payments would continue until I physically stop them myself.I guess I would have if I knew in the first place this apparent one-off deal was in fact a means to lure you in to a never ending payment plan.

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This is evident in that most women you contact, provide pics or contact details or plans to contact fall on deaf ears and you hear nothing. I was able to contact this crowd but they refused to support the claim.

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