Accommodating foreign language

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Accommodating foreign language

The department also has a Translator Resource List of acceptable translators.Foreign language study is an increasingly prominent part of education everywhere.

This fact has added some urgency to the need for recognition of this problem.The "Automotive Service Excellence Spanish-to-English" glossary is available for Spanish speakers, and clerks who know Spanish may also be available to assist.Oral testing with a tape recorder and audiocassette in English is available if you have a reading disability.Anxiety in the foreign language classroom (anxiety about making mistakes in grammar and pronunciation, about understanding the teacher, about remembering vocabulary) has been prominent as a purported cause of the failure.Among other causes cited in the literature have been lack of effort, lack of motivation, poor language learning habits and low "ability" in language learning. Kenneth Dinklage of Harvard University was compelled to find out why some of Harvard's brightest and best were not passing their language classes.

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As more research is being done and more teachers are recognizing the problem, more solutions are being created for the student facing the challenge of learning a foreign or second language and the teachers who teach them.

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