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Accomodating and

Though Crystalens and Trulign Toric accommodating IOLs provide an expanded range of clear vision compared with conventional monofocal intraocular lenses, you may still need reading glasses to comfortably see small print and perform other near vision tasks.

That said, most people who choose one of these accommodating IOLs are very pleased with the greater freedom from eyeglasses they have after cataract surgery.

Use this strategy carefully.) Two other times when an accommodating strategy can be appropriate: (1) if you are a manager and want your subordinates to take on responsibility and learn from their own mistakes, and (2) when you are hopelessly outmatched in power and the other side is using a competing strategy and you are going to lose anyway. If you feel that your concerns are never acknowledged and your opinions are ignored, you may be too accommodating.

I will not deny, but I have no unaccommodating prejudiced habits.

They are noisy, vicious, unaccommodating and aggravating to a degree.

You are willing to give up just about everything in order to preserve the relationship with the other party.During cataract surgery, a circular opening is cut in the anterior part of the lens capsule so the surgeon can remove the eye's natural lens that has become cloudy. The peripheral and posterior portions of the lens capsule are left intact, forming a partially open "bag" that the intraocular lens is positioned within to restore focusing power to the eye.All IOLs have a central optical zone, with peripheral "legs" (called haptics) that secure the lens implant inside the lens capsule.I thought him unaccommodating at the time, but I see now that he was merely wise.Their compartments are unaccommodating; these are fitted for the birds only, those only for fish.

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Another type of presbyopia-correcting IOL that is an alternative to accommodative IOLs is the multifocal IOL category.

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