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Accuracy of ultrasounds for dating

But ultrasounds are not 100 percent reliable for everything they measure.

The accuracy of an ultrasound test can vary based on factors such as the stage of the pregnancy, the quality of the machine, the skill of the practitioner, and the position of the baby in your womb.

An ultrasound—also known as a sonogram—uses sound waves to produce a picture of your baby in the womb.

It's important to note that hand-held ultrasound or fetal Doppler may not detect the baby's heartbeat until you are 12 weeks along in your pregnancy.How accurate is an ultrasound in diagnosing a miscarriage?As we said above, in the first trimester it may be hard to differentiate a miscarriage from an early viable pregnancy based on a single ultrasound.It's thought that a second trimester ultrasound, often done between 16 an 20 weeks, may detect three out of four major birth defects.On the other hand, it's not uncommon for a woman to have an ultrasound which suggests a problem, when there is nothing wrong.

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It is important for women having an ultrasound to be aware of this small, but real risk of false positives.

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