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Because it’s digital, the information doesn’t need to be digitized again before it enters the network leaving less chance for error.At Due, for example, the process is initiated using the online form.If you believe that there has been unauthorized activity, please contact us immediately [email protected] In 1930, Albert Haddock received a bill from the British tax authorities for the sum of £57 and 10 shillings.That was a large sum of money in those days, and Haddock wasn’t happy about paying it. Herbert and has become an urban legend focusing on the flexibility of checks.For an additional fee, they can also be made more certain through the use of certified e Checks or a bank cashier’s e Check.e Checks retain at least some of the float familiar to paper checks.The float lasts from the time they are sent to the time they clear, and can be as long as three to four days. For traditional paper checks, this is the stage during which the customer searches for their checkbook and pen before filling in the fields, signing the page and handing it over or putting it in an envelope. The e Check can be “written” using an online payment form, a signed order form or even with a phone conversation.

Both individuals and businesses continue to use them.Instead of using paper, an e Check uses a computer file to convey much of the same information provided in a traditional check.The payer enters the name of the recipient and the amount.For the payee, placing the funds in their own account requires little more than pushing a button.There’s no need to endorse the check or pass it over the counter after driving to the bank and waiting in line.

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He or she uses a digital signature to provide authenticity, the checks are numbered to make them easy to trace, and the money comes directly from the payer’s bank account.

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