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Posted by / 26-Feb-2018 04:08

Special web cams (static, interactive and panoramic 360) directly installed on the ski resorts, from the Alpe di Lusia to the Belvedere in Canazei, transmit real time images of the Val di Fassa, of the slopes, of the snow conditions (during winter) and of the weather in the different resorts of the valley.

Some web cams could be inactive or could visualize an out of date image due to temporary technical problems.

The money can be put in your bank account or Due digital wallet.

This provides you with another way to attract customers or handle your own finances in an effective way.

There’s no need to endorse the check or pass it over the counter after driving to the bank and waiting in line.

But as we’ll see in this report, an e Check is faster, easier and much more convenient than paper checks. There doesn’t have to be a sheet of paper in sight, and usually there isn’t.

Once the seller has received authorization -- the payer’s payment details --the second stage of the e Check is to enter those details into special software.

Despite the range of other payment systems available, from automated clearing houses to digital payment platforms like Due and peer-to-peer payment tools like Venmo, checks remain convenient, easy to understand and familiar.

Both individuals and businesses continue to use them.

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The data on paper checks have to be entered into computer systems, leaving room for occasional errors. They can take time to process, are open to forgery and theft, and leave long floats that create the potential for check kiting and other types of fraud.