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Adult cell chat

The abdominal masses can grow to enormous size before being noticed by the patient.

The tumors can be felt as hard, round masses by palpating the abdomen.

This is an aggressive, rare, fast spreading tumor and both pediatric and adult patients should be treated at a sarcoma center.

There is no standard protocol for the disease; however, recent journals and studies have reported that some patients respond to high-dose (P6 Protocol) chemotherapy, maintenance chemotherapy, debulking operation, cytoreductive surgery, and radiation therapy. Because the disease can be misdiagnosed or remain undetected, tumors frequently grow large within the abdomen and metastasize or seed to other parts of the body. DSRCT can metastasize through lymph nodes or the blood stream.

Other reported symptoms include unknown lumps, thyroid conditions, hormonal conditions, blood clotting, kidney or urological problems, testicle, breast, uterine, vaginal, or ovarian masses.

Most schools have a clear policy prohibiting the use of cell phones in classrooms and standard practice seems to be “if I see it, you lose it.” Some policies specify that the phones will be confiscated for the day, others say it can be detained for a longer period.

One question that comes up quite frequently is whether or not educators can search the contents of the cell phone. I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight a recent federal district court ruling that speaks to this issue. Nazareth Area School District: “The Supreme Court has held that a student search must nevertheless satisfy the reasonableness requirement of the Fourth Amendment.

DSRCT is associated with a unique chromosomal translocation t(11;22)(p13:q12) Pathology reveals well circumscribed solid tumor nodules within a dense desmoplastic stroma. Tumor cells have hyperchromatic nuclei with increased nuclear/cytoplasmic ratio.

On immunohistochemistry, these cells have trilinear coexpression including the epithelial marker cytokeratin, the mesenchymal markers desmin and vimentin, and the neuronal marker neuron-specific enolase.

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Other areas affected may include the lymph nodes, the lining of the abdomen, diaphragm, spleen, liver, chest wall, skull, spinal cord, large intestine, small intestine, bladder, brain, lungs, testicles, ovaries, and the pelvis.

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