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Taxation; abatement of property taxes on damaged buildings. Entitles the City of Hampton (described by population) to all sales tax revenues generated by transactions taking place in certain public facilities to pay the cost of bonds issued to pay for such public facilities.

Authorizes localities to abate levies on buildings which are (i) razed, or (ii) destroyed or damaged by a fortuitous happening beyond the control of the owner, in cases where the destruction or damage renders such buildings unfit for use and occupancy for 30 days or more during the calendar year. Such entitlement shall continue for the lifetime of such bonds, which entitlement shall not exceed 30 years, and all such sales tax revenues shall be applied to repayment of the bonds.

The bill also provides for a subtraction, beginning with the 2000 taxable year, from federal adjusted gross income for certain reparation payments received by victims or targets of Nazi persecution. SB 178 provides for the same subtractions with respect to the receipt of tobacco settlement funds.

Taxation on intangible personal property; classification and exemption.

Transient occupancy tax; Stafford County and Gloucester County.

The credit allowed is 0 each for the individual, the individual's spouse, and any person claimed as a dependent on the individual's or married persons' income tax return.

The credit can only be claimed on one return for married persons filing separate returns, cannot exceed the individual's or married persons' income tax liability, and is not allowed for individuals or married persons who claim certain subtractions and/or deductions from the adjusted gross income reported on their Virginia individual income tax returns.

Technical amendments are included which arrange localities in numerical order.

Income tax; voluntary contribution to the Family and Children's Trust Fund of Virginia.

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Collection of state taxes by credit and debit cards; service charge. Exempts transfers of motor vehicles, watercraft and aircraft to revocable trusts from transfer taxes when there is no change in beneficial interest.

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