Alexis rad white dating fanfiction

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Alexis rad white dating fanfiction

(Homestuck)3 microseconds Gods come into (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)1 millisecond The Brainspawn come into existence. In the Dark Times, the last surviving Racnoss hides from the Gallifreyans and inadvertently forms the Earth's core with a web containing her hibernating offspring. Protoplanet Theia crashes into the proto-Earth, casting off a large amount of material, which gradually coalesces into the Moon. In quelling the rebellion all life complex enough to have a notochord is psychically commanded to commit suicide in an event known as “Suicide Night”. (Babylon 5 Thirdspace)The First Ones eventually begin to leave the galaxy, only the Vorlons and Shadows stay behind. (X-Universe)The Three Demons (Abnegazar, Ghast, and Rath) rule over the Earth until being banished by powerful entities known only as the Timeless Ones. The ancient civilization of Pangaea creates a sentient machine which rebelled against it's creators. (Futurama)Shortly after creation of the Universe Two gods, Primus and Unicron, battle for eons, and eventually seal each other within asteroids.(Transformers Generation 1, Marvel continuity; also applies to IDW continuity)Galen is hurled from the Big Bang, and begins his transformation into the being known as Galactus. (DC Comics)The first species of the Ancients comes into existence. The Gallifreyans cut off the Racnoss' energy source that's lethal to most life, leaving only trace amounts hidden in the hearts of TARDISes. A large artificial sphere sent by an ancient race, The Black Moon, containing a terraforming agent known as “Lilith”, crashes into Earth by accident, it having already recieved a White Moon containing another terraforming agent known as “Adam”. The Oan scientist Krona tries to look at the dawn of time. The first humanoid race arises in the Milky Way, and seeds many planets with genetic material, leading to the rise of humanoid life on those worlds. (Known Space)The Ancients fight the Great War against the Outsiders, a species believed to come from outside the universe. The demons remain in a state of suspended animation until being summoned by Felix Faust in the 20th century. Riki, a member of the civilization, utilized the energy of Super Power to repel and send the machine away from space. It's easier.) GLa DOS' perspective as to the end battle scene. i ran out.” SONIC SAYS: “oh sure, i'll be right over.” SONIC DRIVES OVER TO AMY'S HOUSE, AND AMY WAS STANDING THERE. Warriors AUMain character Bluestar Best friend is Larksong Mother is inexplicably also Larksong Father is Smallear Crushed on by Sunstar Mate is Tigerclaw Daughter is inexplicably also Larksong Son is Sunstar here is my mini sonamy story: Sonic was outside on a hot and sunny morning. Sonic drove to a near my shop and grabbed two slushiesthat were both a mixture between pink which was cherry and blue which was blue berry sonic drove back very fast again but was still lucky he did not get caught by the police. this is for you sonic said looking at Amy strate in the eyes. They both started to blush and thats when sonic leaned into Amy and gave her a kiss while handing her the slushie. I DID find a few badly written fanfics in some more serious fandoms which had much love… (Cthulhu Mythos)Jurassic Period Shamana, the wild woman, causes trouble for Time to Time's dinosaur meat farming operations in this period. (Darkstalkers)A Cetan spacecraft crashes into the Gulf of Mexico, wiping out the dinosaurs. (Warhammer 40,000)The Necrons, led by the C'Tan, gain the upper hand in the war. (The Sarah Jane Adventures)Old Ones' actions against the Necrons unleash Warp entities into the Materium. Old Ones create Orkz and Jokaero to defeat the Enslavers, but fail and are driven to extinction. More to explain why my humanized design changed though so it evolved into a metaphorical disaster and there was lots of fire o3olol90 wrote: Here's a fanfic base: ONE DAY, SONIC WENT TO DO SOMETHING. The sun was beaming down on sonic like it wanted him to stop running like there was no tomorrow. He was about to go in his car and buy a slushie until l he saw Amy. sonic pulled over in front of where he saw Amy at before and he could still see her moaning about the sun.sonic walked out of his car and walked t words Amy with two slushies. Amy looked at sonic with the two slushies in his hand. Amy looked suprised and kissed him back and they both ate the slushies together happily THE ENDsorry for bad spelling hope you liked it I used to write fanfiction about anime (never got further than 1st chapter, though). Now, I keep thinking about ideas set in certain universes… Maybe because of the idea, but I saw worse with more follows, so I'm kinda confused. The witch Bandora kills the dinosaurs and begins to attack humanity before being sealed by the Guardian Beasts. (Perfect Dark)The dinosaurs, annoyed at constantly being burned by volcanoes, attach rockets to the pterodactyls and fly off to Dinosaur Planet. The Old Ones influence the Eldar to develop their Warp affinity and seed several planets with genetic material. (Warhammer 40,000)The C'Tan begin eating each other. (Warhammer 40,000)Last four C'Tan go into hibernation on uninhabited planets, intending to reawaken when the galaxy contains enough souls for them to consume. (Doctor Who Expanded Universe)An egg was left by a pair of time travellers, who received the egg from a chicken they found loitering about the void when they arrived. (Sam & Max: Freelance Police)Batman and Green Lantern prevent Chronos from reaching the creation of the universe so that he can't become a god. (Doctor Who Expanded Universe)In the beginning there was only the Allspark. (Babylon 5)The rest of the Endless come into existence, in the order: Dream, Destruction, Desire & Despair, Delightmore Delight walks too far from the edges of Destiny's garden, Goes Mad From The Revelation, and becomes Delirium at an unknown date several billion years later. (DC Comics)Shadows and Vorlons transcend their physical existence by the help of Lorien. Omega Supreme and the Maximus combiners retreat to guard a cache of super energon deep within Cybertron. (The Sandman)C'Tan come into existence and begin feeding on stars.

After a long battle, it gets imprisoned on a planet orbiting a black hole. Creation of the proto-Mokole as the keepers of Gaia's Memory. She apparently doesn't stick around long enough afterwards to see that the meteor is a dud; as a result, a time-traveling Timmy Turner wishes for Cosmo and Wanda to poof up action movie star Sylvester Calzone to finish the dinosaurs off. (Warhammer 40,000)God creates the first beasts to inhabit his new universe, the Leviathans, but they're so vicious that he locks them away in another realm he creates just for that purpose, Purgatory. Eve, the Mother of All Monsters is created, but also sealed away. (Pokémon)One engine of a time ship explodes, producing the Big Bang. She takes him as her lover and bears the first generation of Titans. (Cthulhu Mythos)Peak of the Silurian civilization on Earth. (Classical Mythology)The sons of Burr lift the world out of the sea, and the Æsir arrive to establish order in the cosmos. Cthulhu's home, R'lyeh, is built in what will eventually be the Pacific Ocean.

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