Are chace crawford and ed westwick dating

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The show seems to be going through the motions somewhat as the clock winds down on contracts.Crawford puts a polite spin on it, stating, "I think everyone is kind of, not sick of each other, but wants to challenge themselves with another thing".What seemed at the outset like the perfect project for any young actor, appearing as the edgy protagonist in the adaptation of the hit novel by Nick Mc Donell, by the director of The Lost Boys and Falling Down, and starring Keifer Sutherland and Emma Roberts, could not have ended up being any more of a disaster.After its abysmal Sundance premiere, American film critic Elvis Mitchell captured the general mood when he lamented, "every generation needs its Valley of the Dolls." Twelve barely caused a ripple.We can only imagine the shenanigans that Texan Chace Crawford and Hammersmith-born Brit actor Ed Westwick, both stars of Gossip Girl, used to get up to when they shared an apartment in New York.Crawford jokes: "I even gave him some good tips on how to pick up British girls!We lived together for the first couple of years of Gossip Girl, when we had no money before the show became successful." The profile of the actors skyrocketed as Gossip Girl became the must-watch show for the young and impressionable. The only one of the main male protagonists to have on-screen trysts with all the leading ladies, he fast became the pin-up boy of the Manhattan-set show.

Something people don't know about me is that I have a competitive bone in my body.And although Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick slammed the character as “diabolical”, for years he seemed to enjoy the womanising image he created in the hit show.The young Brit squired a string of girls to the glitziest of parties and boasted that being a young single man in New York was “fantastic”.I heard Anna [Kendrick] was doing it and I thought that would be something cool and we could make the storyline real."To be fair, What to Expect When You're Expecting does at least try to be a tiny bit different.It's a portmanteau project in the style of New Year's Day and Valentine's Day in which different tales of love are played out, and the stories loosely intertwine.

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Things soon start to go awry once I mention the darkest moment from the actor's nascent career.

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