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It all started when I was 16, I think it was year 10.

We were at our annual school Swimming Carnival, like all Aussie schools have. I got into the pool, waiting for the gun shot to start. " I swam my heart out, and I eventually came out the other end of the pool, finishing in 2nd place, still with my boardies on. Someone had my shorts, and none of the teachers realized!

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was the teacher every guy in our school wanted to fuck.

Her juices mixed with mine, as she rubbed her pussy and tasting it afterwards. Every moan that came from her mouth, turned me on even more, and every thrust I had, got faster, and harder. She asked me to cum in her face, I jerked my cock, and I gave the biggest blow. Until one of the hottest girls in school came up to me.. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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