Being intimidating woman

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Being intimidating woman

Yes he likes it, he’ll say, because it smells like meat.

Here’s the truth that even people who are prone to repeating stupid cultural clichés know in their hearts: At one level, yes, people are controlled by the deeply stupid messages they carry around about who they are, based on who the culture has told them that they are.

You’re still sure that he’s afraid of you, the poor fuck. You think, “Fuck, it’s happening again.” He thinks, “She seems pretty great, but why is she already pissed at me? You’re so sure that everything amazing about you turns men off.

You still think you know everything about him before he’s opened his mouth. You’ve worked so hard to get here, to be a success, to look decent, to own your own place, but romantically, you feel like you’re being handed a giant shit sandwich for your efforts.

It’s pretty fucking hard to be happy when your culture informs you at every turn that your happiness is an impossibility. “You want to fuck everything you see.” Um, newsflash: Some small part of all animal brains wants to fuck everything it sees and eat everything it sees and sleep half the day.You’ll assume that I’m adding you up and coming up with a negative stereotype of you. What I’m saying is that you are PREEMPTIVELY CONFLICTED about men because you hate this message you’ve heard all your life and you also hate feeling vulnerable.You have kicked ass and taken names for years and now you’re supposed to ACT LIKE YOU’RE LESS THAN YOU ARE just to get a man.I don’t believe that the men I know well are an exception to the rule.But I do think that most people walk around parroting the same idiotic cultural assumptions because the alternative — observing the world closely and coming to your own conclusions — requires way too much work.

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