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Lions play an essential role in aiding the vulnerable, preserving human dignity, building Jewish identity, and ensuring the Jewish future.

Bianna Golodryga, a weekend anchor for ABC’s “Good Morning America,” is heading to Yahoo News as a news and finance anchor.

They viewed their label as Jews by identity (not Soviet), as a badge of honor.

What they were denied living as Jews in the Soviet Union (access to places of worship and the ability to gather and practice their worship as citizens protected by the law), they collectively absorbed through culture and tradition.**The Lion of Judah group was established in 1972 as a symbol to recognize a new leadership level gift for women donors of The Jewish Federation.Today, close to 17,000 dynamic women throughout North America, Israel, and the world share a mutual commitment to Tikkun Olam, Healing the World.The irony of their story growing up as a discriminated minority, and thus not fully accepted in one society, only to have that be the only criteria enabling them the opportunity to move to America (something non-Jewish Soviets were denied), is not lost.How has your experience as an immigrant affected your and your parents’ Jewish identities growing up?

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In doing so, she follows Katie Couric’s path from network news to Yahoo.