Blind dating song

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Back in the day, we made up games to play and I'm guessing a lot of you played the very same ones. We were not what I would call, extremely close, and after this, we were, um, less close. There's a song that takes me back to being a kid taking car trips with my parents. This girl and I were friends, and I liked her lots.It was a rainy day, She couldn't come out to play, With tearful eyes and tender sighs I could hear her say: I'm sorry Playmate, I cannot play with you My dollies have the flu, Boo-hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo.

It may not even be a memory we're fully conscious of, or one we'll fully remember until BAM, we're there, all wrapped up in it.

Usually the deception doesn't last forever, but by the time the blind person finds out what the other "looks" like, they've already come to appreciate the person inside.

The one saving grace when they're really, really bad?

Teaming up with tour operator Cheap Caribbean, dating app The League is aiming to shake things up with those looking for love this Valentine's Day with it's 'Paired Up for Paradise' event.

Taking place in New York and San Francisco on February 14, the events have been designed to bring dating hopefuls together under one roof before a couple is selected to jet off on vacation together.

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