Brad womack dating 2016

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Brad womack dating 2016

But what's even crazier, when you stop to think about it, is the link between Womack and Frazier.Let us explain: Had Womack and Emily Maynard not broken off their engagement (after his second go-round as Bachelor), she would never have become a Bachelorette.Andrew Firestone, heir to the Firestone Tire company, for example.

This is perhaps for the best, considering how frequently Brad’s name is mentioned just to diss him for Season 11, now almost a decade behind him.Brad Womack was kind of persona non grata around here for a minute, but he still returned in Season 15 for another shot at love.This was back in the day when you didn't have to be a contestant on The Bachelorette to become the Bachelor, so Brad just sprang into existence in 2007, as far as we were concerned; a 35-year old bar owner who was about to break America's heart.The two ended up breaking off their engagement before the finale even aired.Then they got back together, briefly, before ultimately breaking up in May 2011. Since their relationship ended, though, Brad’s been a virtual ghost.

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A lot of tabloids gave Brad flak for this, but considering how much negative attention those same tabloids directed at the women, it seems unfair.

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