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C dating hepatitis

Hepatitis C basics The basics on hepatitis C transmission, testing and how it affects the liver Treatment basics for people living with Hep C Basic information on hepatitis C treatment Recent updates on access to hepatitis C medications in Canada Hepatitis C: An In-Depth Guide Comprehensive information on all aspects of hepatitis C; prevention, transmission, and healthy living Hep C mobile CATIE has collected its core information on hepatitis C into an app for mobile devices.The app contains CATIE’s hepatitis C in-depth guide and key messages, formatted for smaller screens and available offline.A brief history of hepatitis C: 1989 – 2017 Resources for service providers working with immigrants and newcomers from countries where hepatitis C virus is endemic.

But, ..what you are describing, ..didn't have HCV, you had "acute" hepatitus, ..... These are not the same virus, they're contracted differently, manifest differently, treated differently...... exactly what I meant to type Late...(I was pooped) thanks...are absolutely correct about misinformation about hep C. This is important because in larger doses, it's been known to make people feel very sick and suicidal. He also told me that I only had 1100 parts of antibody per million in my blood or something like that, which made him feel like either I'd had a false positive in the first place or just my healthy living since has caused it to go into a natural state of remission.But, she told me I"d be feeling better in _____ amount of weeks, more than likely.... PLease seek the advice of a competent gastroenterologist/hepatologist.She was soooo right, but, didn't disclose the fact that it can take almost as long to recover as it took for the virus to ravage my body.... Byrd: I injected alot of drugs when I was younger and was told when I got tested for AIDS and Hep C about 7 years ago that I had Hep C.((I was almost at the point where I was ready to give up))---I couldn't believe the first doctor I saw told me the lymph node in my armpit was an infected and ingrown hair from shaving.... In the case of the "C" type, there are different strains or "genotypes".I've learned to never, ever believe everything I hear, even from doctors, and to do my own research.... Some are more resistant to treatment, others respond well. that's the least aggressive of the genotypes, he is now free of the virus after 6 months of (brutal) drug based treatment, the virus remains undetected in his system, ...a person goes 6 months without the virus detected, the chance of it returning is 2%.

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There are Non-Viral causes of hepatitus: alcoholism, Wilson’s disease, Alpha 1-Antitrypsin deficiancy, etc.