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Cancer man dating cancer woman

Professor David Forman, who helped carry out the research, said he was ‘surprised’ by the results.

As he pointed out, there are no known biological reasons why men should be at a greater risk for many forms of cancer - yet I do not share his amazement.

The NHS has attempted to cater for changing needs with a plethora of new services such as NHS Direct and the like.

But people don’t need costly concepts like this: all they need is one place to go to that they know and trust.

I believe the first step to correct this injustice is to look at more imaginative ways of encouraging men to adopt healthier lifestyles.

How are we to persuade men to give up smoking or lose weight - two key ways in which we could improve male cancer statistics?

Now, the first thing to make clear is that there are some obvious lifestyle reasons why men fare worse when it comes to preventing, detecting and treating cancers.

And since half of all cancer cases could be prevented by lifestyle changes, then in some regards men only have themselves to blame for the unequal survival rates. For the fact is that politicians, eager to court the female vote, have long presided over a huge disparity in funding and treatment of female cancer patients at the expense of their male counterparts. I became a consultant in 1979, the same year that Margaret Thatcher introduced a controversial nationwide breast-screening programme.

As a cancer specialist for the past 30 years, I found the study depressingly predictable.

It has long been clear to me that we men are unfairly discriminated against by an NHS which has unfairly favoured female health matters ahead of the needs of male patients.

But the sense of blame attached to what is seen as a selfinduced condition means that nobody wants to talk about lung cancer, still less hold celebrity galas to raise funds for it.

The same is true of the second most common cancer affecting men - prostate cancer, which accounts for around 13 per cent of male cancer cases reported every year.

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But it has come at phenomenal cost - equivalent to around £1 million per life saved.