Carbometric dating

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Carbometric dating

In studies, it is shown that some vampires can perceive things in the ultraviolet spectrum.

Depending on what region and thus tribe they hail from, vampires will possess specific strengths and drawbacks, in addition to their inherent abilities.

Vampire saliva has a sort of venom mixed with it, that dulls pain and makes one feel slight pleasure.

This was taken advantage of by many humans in past ages, who hunted vampires solely for this liquid. Once the 72 hour deadline is reached, that person or creature is permanently Vampiric.

Vampires can eat human food, but it isn't always as filling as blood or as useful to Vampires, as the ingested blood help jumpstarts the body's natural healing mechanics and other mechanisms.

Along with a need for blood, vampirism also endows someone with an improved metabolism and biological functions that grant it a much increased longevity, superhuman physical and mental capabilities, and the ability to recover from tremendous injury in a relatively short amount of time, all of which are directly granted via new specialized organs that are created during the mutation process.

Some vampires, especially the Enoltashi, have also been shown to be able to scale almost any surface, in the same manner as spiders.

On occasion, they have been shown to be able to do so without the aid of using their hands and standing up straight while mounted on the wall, as shown by Akeldama Rothsgori Lucifer, who is believed to have the abilities of all of the tribes.

Vampires' senses are normally somewhere between 2X and 3X that of a human's.

Homo nosferatensis noctivagus, otherwise better known simply as 'Vampires' are the Vampiric peoples that populate the rural regions of east and south east Europe and the near entirety of Versilia.

Vampires are an offshoot from Homo Sapiens, with the progenitors of the race having come into existence during the last ice age.

'Vampirism', as it is commonly called, is a virus of sorts with supernatural elements and acts as a gateway into the Vampiric condition.

Vampirism is carried by all Vampires and is able to be passed onto non-Vampires through a concoction made in the Vampire's body and released into another through small tubes in the upper canines.

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