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Maybe in the same way Larry Craig is straight, your friend is asexual—or, hey, maybe she's asexual in the "gray-a" sense, i.e., under certain circumstances (awake, aware, conscious, alert, sentient), she experiences sexual attraction.

Or maybe she's not a gray-a who identifies as ace but an actual asexual who is having sex for "other reasons." A person doesn't have to be celibate to be asexual or to identify as asexual, ACE, and until there's an asexual accreditation agency—which there never will be and never should be—we'll just have to take your friend's word for it.

"Many people identify in this gray area under the identity of 'gray-asexual' or 'gray-a.' Examples of gray-asexuality include an individual who does not normally experience sexual attraction but does experience it sometimes; experiences sexual attraction but has a low sex drive; experiences sexual attraction and drive but not strongly enough to want to act on them; and/or can enjoy and desire sex but only under very limited and specific circumstances.

Even more, many gray-asexuals still identify as asexual because they may find it easier to explain, especially if the few instances in which they felt sexual attraction were brief and fleeting.

When you say, "I would be interested but I'm married," you're shutting it down: We could fuck if I wasn't married, but I am so we can't.

But, again, she insists that because she doesn't "need" sex the way she presumes the rest of us do, she is asexual. I've never had partnered sex and never really felt the need or desire for it.

I'm plenty happy with emotional intimacy from others and masturbation for my sexual needs, and I do not particularly desire a romantic or sexual partner.

Furthermore, [some] asexual people in relationships might choose or even want to have sex with their partner as a way of showing affection, and they might even enjoy it.

Others may want to have sex in order to have children, or to satisfy a curiosity, or for other reasons." As for your friend, ACE, well, according to the Protocols of the Elders of Tumblr, we're no longer allowed to express doubt about someone's professed sexual orientation or gender identity.

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But just as asexuality is a thing, ACE, so too is bullshit.

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