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If there’s a provider who isn’t quite close enough to you, you can still call and ask their office if they know of anyone closer to you.

Local LGBT organizations, as always, are another good place to start.

Still others don’t realize that they’re trans for decades — until they’re in their 30s, 40s, 50s, or beyond. I think I might be trans, but I don’t like the things I’m supposed to… Not all women like to wear dresses and not all men like (American) football. You can continue to live your life the way you have been. My working distinction between transsexual and transgender, when a distinction is needed?And transgender’s existence as a medical/mental diagnosis means that health insurances can be billed for medical care relating to being trans. Whatever you decide, you may want to consider getting support to help with any associated stress. In research studies, trans people tend to say that getting a support team in place is the best first step. If you choose to medically or legally transition, that process can be expensive. It’s a big wordy document, but it summarizes how providers should be approaching your trans-related health care. Diversity centers may have trans support groups or be able to recommend a therapist or physician in your area. Search terms like “transgender support group near…” usually bring up some kind of results. Transsexual is an older term and much more common in the medical community.That means hormone therapy and surgery can be covered by insurance. That support can be a group, a therapist, a good friend, whatever is meaningful for you. Transition can be broken down into three categories: Medical, social and legal. A local organization can sometimes help, if they exist. A search engine can help you find physicians and lawyers. If you are a minor, things get complicated even with parental support. Even if the closest center is on the other side of the state, it’s worth asking if they know of anything in your area. It’s also used more in countries other than the US.Yes, you can be trans even if you didn’t think about it as a child. Yet others strongly prefer the term transsexual, as they feel their gender dysphoria is strictly a medical issue.Some people strongly feel, and strongly argue, their gender identity as children. Others object to the term transgender because of its use as an “umbrella” term, lumping transsexuality in with genderqueer, crossdressing, and drag. Some people say “trans*” instead, to make the dual meaning clear.

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A controversial Muslim leader has likened gay relationships to incest while speaking out against same-sex marriage at Sydney mosques.