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The farmer was giving his animals a workout, hoping their paddling would produce improvements in endurance and strength for the ever-popular Goat Races held around Easter and several other times each year.

Low-key Tobago stands in contrast to its massive, more boisterous neighbor that helps make up the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Sheep regularly wander into the middle of roads, including the route to King's Bay Beach, a peaceful swimming spot.

In Charlotteville, one of several sleepy villages, the only activity seems to center on Man O' War Bay, where fishermen are tending their boats, or cleaning and cutting up the day's catch.

While strolling along Buccoo Beach, I ran into a man tugging on frayed ropes, coaxing two of his protesting goats into the water for a swim.

This startling sight turned out to be a decades-long island tradition.

Only later did I learn its everyday origin: a fishmonger blowing a conch shell as he made his rounds of the villages in his truck, announcing the day's catch for sale.

Mornings in Tobago often presented unexpected moments.

Here, I got a botany lesson, as Eamon pointed out tamarind, soaring samaan trees from Africa, and white mangrove, one of four types found in Tobago, and one that prefers interior swamps.Wrapped in sweet flesh, the beans are laid out in cedar boxes where they ferment for five days, until they become brown.Then, the beans are carted to the drying house for several days, which, together with the fermentation, is a key step in delivering the cocoa's aromatic flavor profile.Eamon rolled to a stop, bending down to pick up several of what locals call golden apples that were strewn on the ground."It's for our snack," he declared, along with several papayas he soon purchased at a nearby fruit stand.

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The tour's highlight is savoring a sample of the single-estate bars, especially the 70 percent cocoa with its rich texture and fruity notes.

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