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Lori Greiner had seemed uninterested since the subject of the salaries had come up.She confirmed now they were a huge problem for her, particularly when a business was still not making a profit.Arum described it as able to ‘Profoundly change the way people meet and fall in love’.The app took traditional online dating but merged it with elements of social media, so that users would see other users who shared mutual friends with them on Facebook, thereby increasing the chances of compatibility between them.Robert asked if the sisters were taking a salary, and Arum admitted that they all took a 0,000 salary from the business.The sharks looked less than impressed at the 0,000 annual salary between the sisters, Arum attempted some damage control, explaining that they had already raised almost million in external funding.Lori asserted that the copying of original ideas happened ‘all the time’ on the internet, and for those reasons, she was out too.Barbara told the Kang sisters that she loved the concept of the service, she believed it would be a big hit with women, and men would inevitably follow them onto the service.

The company name was deliberately vague concerning the services offered, to create a kind of secret code between users.They all knew the type of dating experience they would rather have, and none of the available sites or apps provided their ideal experience.They decided that with the skills they possessed between them, they could set up their own online dating service, to fill the niche in the market.The Kang sisters entered the Shark Tank hoping to gain a shark partner who would invest 0,000 in exchange for 5% equity in the company.They ran through the concept of the Coffee Meets Bagel dating app.

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Arum confirmed that the previous year’s sales of $87,000 had been easily surpassed in the first five months of the current year, with sales so far of $270,000.

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