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NET Core apps and, this time, I’ll use Identity Server4 in the sample code.

As before, I think it’s worth mentioning that there are a lot of good options available for authentication in ASP. Azure Active Directory Authentication is an easy way to get authentication as a service.

I have never encountered this with other wireless connections for which I have the password.

Be aware that this model exposes user credentials and access tokens (both of which are sensitive and could be used to impersonate a user) to the client.overloads that can be used to load the certificate from the machine’s certificate store.As mentioned in my previous post, it’s possible to create self-signed certificates for testing this out with the Token issuance from Identity Server4 won’t yet be functional, but this is the skeleton of how Identity Server4 is connected to our ASP. Before Identity Server4 will function, it must be configured.Like configuring resources, client configuration can be done with an extension method: for validating credentials.It will also configure Identity Server4 to correctly extract JWT subject, user name, and role claims from ASP. With configuration done, Identity Server4 should now work to serve tokens for the client we defined.

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