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Overview The Graflex Graphic 35 was quirky design from an American company, made using German lenses/shutters, and possibly manufactured in Japan (depending on who you believe)?

The covers were black when new, but these fade with age becoming a grey colour.

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Additionally because servicing prewar cameras is our specialty, this one’s been Cleaned, Lubricated and Adjusted .

This camera has a focal plane shutter which is nearly identical to the famous Speed Graphic Press camera, so if you know how to use one of them, you’ll have no problems operating this one. There are no separated elements, crystallization, haze, or problems.

The camera is missing its folding lens shade but other than it’s in exceptionally fine condition and appears to be completely original.

(Please see photos.) It really is lovely for an 80 year old camera!

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The travel of the focus adjustment is equal to the depth of the buttons: in other words, the buttons move synchronously like a seesaw rather than a multiple press ratchet-type system. Stylistically, the replacement model for the Graphic 35 appears to have been the Graphic 35 Jet, which was introduced in 1961.