Dating a lane cedar chest

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Dating a lane cedar chest

These amazing vessels have been providing convenient storage since the time of the pharaohs.Learn a lesson from the cedar chest’s rich history.Besides representing hope, cedar chests also protected fabrics. The same oils that offer this protection also give clothes stored in cedar hope chests a pleasing scent.If you think cedar chests are a modern invention, think again!The first question that most buyers will have as they begin shopping for a Lane cedar chest on e Bay is whether or not the item they are looking at was made by the Lane company. Examine all parts of the chest, including the bottom, for identifying marks.

They could lane chest dating easily be described as having a "hope chest" design, without the extra style features that would come to be common on later models.

A traditional gift for girls crossing the threshold to womanhood, cedar hope chests are still great presents for special occasions.

In the past, cedar hope chests served as a trousseau, a vessel for young women to collect marriage necessities.

Linens, quilts, and even her bridal gown found their ways into the hope chest.

Dating back to a time when marriage would include an exchange of property between the two families, the bridal ‘trousseau’ (meaning ‘small bundle’) contained all the bride’s dowry items, including the clothes and property she took to her new home and new life.

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