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With Cray Rate, you don’t have just one Superhero looking out for you.You have an entire community of Superheroes taking your safety to heart.You’ve made it this far and now’s the time for you to join our “Datinghood!” Then, get out there and date, but first check your date’s Cray Rate! Did your date’s appearance and character match their online profile?Most importantly, be a Superhero and Report Great Dates & Fakes!! Your identity is kept confidential, so please, feel safe in telling the truth. Upload pictures, mugshots and documents that reveal your date’s true character.Please keep in mind that we are Cray Rate’s mission is to make the dating experience exciting and as transparent as possible.And like all Superheroes, our members’ identities are kept 100% anonymous in order to protect the security and privacy of everyone who takes advantage of our service.You can be confident that your super secret is safe with us!

Our Members post “Tipster Profiles” that expose the good, the bad and sometimes scary details about their interactions with people they met through dating websites: the same people you are chatting with today!“People who tend to seek another partner after six weeks instead of working things out with the person they just met, will do this in real life also.” 4.Don't wait for Valentine's Day to do something special Although Valentine's Day is less widely observed in Germany than the US or UK, it's infiltrating the popular imagination, just as in other European countries.“Most singles say, I'm single because I'm too shy and waiting for the other side to make the first move,” Hegmann said. They'll be grateful and honour the fact that you took a risk.” In the study, 36 percent of German men said that shyness had had a role in keeping them single – much higher than the EU average of 27 percent. Don't worry about technology stealing your love away “Dating is getting a bit different now because we are online 24/7,” Hegmann said.“Some people think that's dangerous, I think it's a good thing – I would be really worried if we couldn't also find love online.

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“You won't find love in your forties the same way you found love at 25,” he says.

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