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However, penalties and interest may apply to money you owe after April 17.Here’s what you should do if you can’t pay the tax you owe.If you register on paper, it may take 2-4 weeks to receive your sales tax permit. It is unlawful to collect sales tax from buyers without a valid sales tax permit.While collecting sales tax without a valid permit may be an honest mistake on a seller’s part, some states view this as tax fraud and take it very seriously.Example: The monthly taxable period in Colorado is January 1-January 31st.Your Colorado monthly sales tax return for January would be due by February 20th.

Each state’s taxing authority — usually called the State Department of Revenue — handles sales tax registration.April 17 is the deadline to file and pay taxes you owe.You may request an automatic six-month extension to file your return.You can register for a sales tax permit yourself, or hire a professional to register for your state sales tax permits for you.When filing online, you will sometimes receive your sales tax permit number instantly, or at least within 10 business days.

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