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Tests showed his viral count was very high, meaning the illness had been very caught early.Andrew continued: 'I thought, 'It's the end, it's over, I'm dying.''Then, I met a counsellor and they said, "Do you know anyone with HIV? I was diagnosed 14 years ago."'It made me realise that people could survive.'Within four weeks he had started medication and the drugs began to work.'I had to take just one tablet a day, that was all I had to do,' he explained.A courageous man outed himself as HIV positive in a public post on Facebook in a bid to show having the virus is not a death sentence.After taking a test as a precaution at the start of a new relationship, Andrew Gamez-Heath was shocked to be told he had the virus just 60 seconds later.

I'm happy, healthy, my virus is undetectable, and I can't pass it on.

Diagnosed in November, 2014, while living in Balham, south west London, Andrew's illness is well-controlled and, thanks to daily medication – which he says he suffers no side effects from – the virus is now undetectable in his body.

Writing on Facebook six weeks ago, he said: 'People are living with this virus like it's shameful.

I was and still am un-infectious.'Still Andrew decided not to tell many people – keeping his diagnosis from his mother, Ali Thomson, now 61, and father, Les Heath, now 74.

It was not until around 18 months later that he broke the news to his shocked mum.'Initially, she was terrified, as she had only heard terrible things,' he said.

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