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Dating inner game

There is only one thing worse than a woman who talks too much – and that is when a woman will not talk with you at all.Silent treatment is one of the weapons in a woman’s arsenal, next to crying and nagging.Carlos Xuma designed the program to help men raise their overall confidence level, without confusing affirmations and weak self-hypnosis.It is aimed at helping men get women as well as with other areas of their life requiring powerful confidence.It’s easy to fake confidence, or to plan ways to seem like you’re more confident than you really are, but when it comes down to it, actually believing your own story about how great you are, is the key to success in game.Picking up women is your one opportunity in life to embrace being cocky and see it as a positive.There is probably a response technique or cheesy line that has been recorded somewhere that can generate attraction for anything that a woman may say to you. You can chose to blame everything around you for your problems or move on and make good of what you have.When you develop your inner game, you can arouse attraction from women without even knowing it. A number of women succumb to the demands of life while they complain and blame something else for their own lowly predicaments. To women, having a positive guy is like having a banana during a tennis game.

If you consciously practice them, you may just find yourself attracting women from all around you… Believe in yourself and you will radiate confidence. Nobody is trying to screw you (except the hot blond of course).

And they become more comfortable and affectionate towards you. 3) Having Fun A very good way to forget about outcomes is to just have fun. When you genuinely just want to have fun, you forget about rejections and slut responses. 4) It’s Not Instantaneous Unlike pickup lines or rehearsed routines where you can execute immediately, inner game takes time to develop. once you got it nailed down, you will probably have it for like. And there will always be experiences that make us realize otherwise. Spontaneity is so addictive that women can get wet just feeding from the energy and anticipation of what can happen next.

Don’t always arrange meet ups near your place so that when things get hot, you can get her home in 2 minutes before her testosterone calms down. When a woman wants you, she will go home with you even if you live all the way across town. Being fun is a very attractive trait that women notice. You will wonder how it took you so long to “wake up” A strong inner game also attracts higher quality women. does she got it together and have strong inner game? So why would a women of such quality want a man who is unsure of himself and behaves like a wuss puppet? When you give women a spontaneous and adventurous experience by riding on your wave, you hook them for at least a few more dates.

They look like pussies who get pushed around like an amateur high school soccer team.

When you donate your sane life to a woman she will probably wonder why you don’t have a life and have no idea or persistence on what you want out of life.

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Getting good at game doesn’t start with a good opener, or reading the right book, or even reading the right article. Outward displays of confidence are half the battle and will get you some results, but there’s still more to it.

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