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Dating islamic matchmaking matrimonial services

Naa’ila Moumaris-Clay, a marriage counselor based in Atlanta, Georgia, provides web-based therapy to couples from all over the globe, including clients who met on marriage apps. Instead, it’s what happens after a couple meets that really determines whether or not the marriage is going to be a success.Moumaris-Clay sees a marriage app as a valid means to meet someone.“They should take it easy and allow them to make their own decisions and try not to influence them.” Apps not for everyone Relationship Consultant Yasmin Elhady Nassiry said she’s not a fan of marriage apps or matrimonial websites.Although Nassiry, 30, tried online matrimonial sites when searching for a spouse herself, she said she didn’t like that there was no vetting process.Since Islam prohibits pre-marital relations, there are limited ways in which Muslims can get to know a potential marriage partner within the confines of Islamic principles, and some Muslims — like Younas — see a marriage app as a beneficial platform for Muslims to meet.Younas, 31, worked in investment banking for Morgan Stanley for nine years before leaving just last year to dedicate his time to designing and developing muzmatch.Users can message each other only if both individuals show a mutual interest.The app is designed on some of the principles used in western dating-style apps, Younas said, but also includes features to cater specifically to Muslims.

“We are global, we’ve got people from literally all across the world with about 123 countries represented,” Younas said.

For example, users can add a wali, Arabic for guardian, to read all the conversations, since a third party should be involved in the marriage process, according to Islamic legal rulings. According to Makhdoom, once a man and a woman express interest in each other, they should get to know each other as long as the chastity and purity of the individuals are protected — meaning the two can’t be completely alone.

The Islamic marriage process has several steps, according to Imam Zia Makhdoom, a religious leader at the Muslim community organization Make Space, which caters to youth and young professionals in the Washington, D. They can either meet in a public place, or be in the presence of others.

“I was not interested in marriage or in dating or anything.

I just wanted to see how it works,” Benzerroug said.

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