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Dating kentucky mandolins

The role of the Laouto was usually as a backup instrument to a violin of bouzouki. The tops were generally spruce and the back are bowl-back construction consisting of 20 or more ribs similar to a Renaissance lute Here we have a Breedlove Quartz A-Style mandolin dating to 2002 and built at the Breedlove shop in Bend, Oregon.The A-Style body design is sometimes referred to as a ‘teardrop’, and dates to the late 1890’s and was one of the radical innovations made by Orville Gibson, bringing violin-family construction techniques into the mandolin and guitar world.After graduating from high school, she formed the Sue Foley Band and began touring Canada and honing her skills.

Kentucky KM1500 SM 91603 (1991) – the last of the Japanese Sumi era’s produced before they moved to Korea – information confirmed by SAGA. Popular during the 19th and into the mid-20th century, the Greek Laouto or lute contributed to the evolution of the now popular Greek Bouzouki.Though similar in many ways to the German lute guitar, the Greek instrument is strung with double gut or nylon strings in a variety of tunings similar to Bouzouki tunings.The Kentucky master model KM-1500 F-style mandolin uses the finest, most highly figured Michigan Maple for sides, back and neck combined with a pale, fine-grained Adirondack spruce top. Based on the classic and uniquely American Gibson F-Style mandolins, the KM-1500 has hand-carved and graduated top and back.Tags: 17 inch, acoustic, archtop, campellone, Canada, cutaway, electric, greenville, guitar, M.

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These groundbreaking instruments brought violin-family concepts into the mandolin and guitar worlds, and were extremely important influences.

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