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Dating lendy

Since I knew I would be signing books last night, and my hands would be out in front of people, making sure my nails were presentable was on my checklist for the evening.Which was great, because I wouldn’t have had time anyway. But I realized about halfway through the signing that I wasn’t wearing my wedding rings.Her first role onscreen was in a low-budget Canadian movie Pinkville.She made her television debut on an episode of The Listener.

Somehow, when life was overwhelming during the newborn stages, jewelry became a burden instead of something fun.

So I picked up a simple silver band at an outdoor market, and wore it instead. The second reason, is because when I’m in the middle of a project that requires my hands (and I’m very often in the middle of one of those projects), having any jewelry on my hands bugs me. If I wash my hands with my rings on, then dry my hands, I get irritated by the feel of the water under the rings that the towel doesn’t quite reach.

If I take my rings off to wash my hands, I’m quite likely to forget them, and the rings are at risk of being lost.

And we ended up traveling around as much of Greece and the rest of Europe as possible.

Traveling means staying in lots of different hostels and hotels and I was quite sure I would end up leaving the rings on a bathroom counter or nightstand as we rushed off to catch a train.

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She began acting training at multiple schools including the Professional Actors Lab, Jason Fraser Studios, Etobicoke School of the Arts and also at University Settlement Drama Group.