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Dating photos costume

If you haven't done much of this before, it's a good idea to examine several jewels that have already been evaluated for date and quality by someone whose judgment you trust.

Begin at home, assuming your collection encompasses various periods and both fine and costume jewels.

The piece can't be younger than the 1890s and may be centuries older.

A few types of jewelry are so closely associated with particular eras that you hardly have to think about it, beyond checking fabrication details to confirm they're *right* for the period and seeking signs of wear to ensure they aren't reproductions.

Evaluating it in concert with the hinge and pinstem is essential.

Assuming the hinge is a T, as you've seen above, the jewel can't be younger than 1890s and may be a great deal older.

Necklaces and bracelets can be harder to judge, unless the catch is of a different color (and not simply worn through in places).

Whether you find the fittings are original or not, the next thing you need to know is when they were made. Let's begin with a matter of complexity: dating brooches.

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If the hinge is modern (and original), dating is somewhere between 1890s and now.