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The choice of one employee actually causes dry mouth in another employee. You’ll have to learn the ingredients and try different types until you find one that you are most compatible with.

An online search will turn up hundreds of recipes for toothpaste, and most of those at least start with the two basic ingredients of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.

There is an unending list of toothpastes on the market today, some claiming to be ‘natural’ while still including ingredients that are either on our list of things to avoid or chemicals that cannot be pronounced.

People ingest synthetic sweeteners and don’t realize how harmful it can be to their health, much less their teeth.

A good rule of thumb is to avoid any artificial ingredients in your toothpaste, particularly in the form of sweeteners.

Modern scholars daring enough to try the concoction for themselves found it ‘abrasive and painful to use’. it’s no doubt why we’ve been looking for better alternatives ever since.

The most common ingredients in toothpaste include; Silica and Limestone, Aluminum Oxide (provides coarseness to scrubbing) Titanium Dioxide (made from the minerals ilmenite, rutile and anatase – to give toothpaste its white pigment), Mica (adds sparkle to the toothpaste) and of course, fluoride.

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When you consider that Ben Franklin used a combination of honey and ground charcoal to clean his teeth, it becomes fairly evident that people have been concerned with keeping their teeth clean for a very long time and over the course of time; there has been quite a few interesting ways of accomplishing the important feat of good oral hygiene.

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