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Although this official video is absurdly delicate, you can see the models and features here: I reviewed earlier Iroha models: Iroha: Cutest Vibrators Ever and Iroha Mikazuki and Minamo: soft, slender, gentle vibrators, all from Good Vibrations.

The new Iroha products, such as the Tori reviewed here, are stronger than the originals and completely waterproof.

Iroha makes adorable, squishy sex toys for people who want sex toys that don't look like sex toys.

I was delighted to receive the Iroha Tori from the wonderful folks at Good Vibrations, along with the Iroha Zen, a pleated, mild vibrator that comes in 3 colors.

At first I was baffled when I tried to figure out the battery placement with no " " or "-" label to guide me. I foolishly didn't peruse the website for help until after I tried to insert the batteries by squinting at the minuscule diagram, and it took me three tries. Using the Zen is as simple as pressing the button at the end.

A problem led to frustration: although the control buttons are easy to use with dry fingers, I couldn't seem to make the controls advance with lube-slick fingers.

So if I started with level 2, I was stuck there unless I stopped the action, wiped my hands and the control buttons, and tried again. The best solution I found was to turn it up all the way to intensity 5 before starting.

(Don't worry, the power won't startle you the way an all-the-way-up Magic Wand would startle you -- the vibrations are never blast-off strong.) Although Iroha advertises the Iroha vibrators as "redefining pleasure for women," a testing assistant reported enjoying the curved shape vibrating over penis and testicles.

If you have a partner with a penis, don't be selfish -- let the vibrating bird flutter over your partner's erogenous zones, as well as your own.

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It can be used externally or for shallow vaginal insertion.