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But the other type of hanging out has much less purpose.With Non-Committal Hanging Out, the intention is to avoid committing to a dating relationship.I only signed up because I was tired of all the begging for more men to sign up.After all, if we didn't have equal numbers of men and women, there would have to be some polyg-a-dating going on, and that would be a bad thing.Six years later, the prophets are still encouraging a return to the traditional dating pattern.In the most recent general conference, President Thomas S. Scott and Elder Oaks all counseled young adults to make marriage a top priority.

He defined hanging out as “numbers of young men and numbers of young women joining together in some group activity.” Elder Oaks encouraged all young single adults to decrease hanging out in favor of traditional dating.Even if hanging out is not entirely bad, it’s still difficult to pinpoint all the factors that contribute to the rising marriage age.Urbina couldn’t say why she found her husband after the average age. Rutter agreed, saying “I feel like if it’s right, it’s right.”Neither of these women would change a thing about the timing of finding her spouse.Participants in Non-Committal Hanging Out want to have fun, fill time and stay friends.Ironically, this type of hanging out is all about the moment, but generally extends for long periods of time.

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For Urbina and Rutter, both dating and hanging out contributed to their searches for an eternal companion.

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