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Those who are critical of the current state of knowledge in this area argue that members of the judiciary have failed to sufficiently address the shortcomings of the forensic document evidence proffered in criminal trials.

Specifically, critics of forensic document examination argue that little valuable wording exists in the report to support the validity and reliability of the methodology and findings of forensic document examination.

We also pay close attention to the computer technique assistant in the field of forensic document examination.

Standards or criteria of forensic document examination are still hot issues in China.

At the end of this article, the author intends to discuss a piece of a challenge to forensic document examination, which are also universal issues abroad.

When we assess these features we universally analyze them in two aspects: Both quality and quantity of writing.

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Adding or altering requirements can be tricky, particularly when under pressure.

It has a useful feature whereby it can locate your car for you (this I like after flashbacks of trawling Knebworth’s carpark for 3 hours in 1996).

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It shows parking locations, and includes real-time traffic information with an alternative satellite view facility.