Dating workaholic tips

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Dating workaholic tips

In these days where businesses are trying to do more with less, putting in extra time at work happens a lot.Couples find themselves planning date nights and time together far in advance just because their schedules-- both work and family responsibilities-- have become so full.At the same time, it's essential that you honor your boundaries and needs.You might not have a choice when your mate calls to tell you that he or she will be working late even though you two have tickets to a concert that night.As their commitment to one another grew stronger and they eventually married, what Ellen previously saw as a character strength turned into something annoying and hurtful.After almost two decades of marriage, Ellen has grown used to being very flexible.Just be sure that you are making the decision about what's best for you in the long-term and the short-term in advance of communicating. When you find that you’re dating a workaholic, utilizing these tips will not only help you to keep the peace, but also strengthen your relationship. A workaholic certainly knows how to make the money; so it’s your job to help him live!

Remember these Dos and Don'ts as you talk with your workaholic mate... The time for claiming to be "fine" when you really aren't is over.Perhaps there's a way to switch the tickets to a different night.Give yourself the space to be flexible when it feels okay to you to do so and also to honor your boundaries and make the choice to do what you want to do given the situation you're in.If your partner has made the decision to stay late and work instead of go to the concert, you have the power to be honest about your feelings AND you can decide what you will do.Maybe you'll decide to invite a friend to go with you to the concert instead.

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Some people take putting in that extra effort at the office to a compulsive level. There are certainly varying degrees of workaholic behavior and some really need the help of a professional counselor or therapist.

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