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Definition accommodating resistance

On the other hand, adding forms of accommodating resistance to loaded barbells is an advanced technique for lifters with years of experience under the bar.

Even if you’ve been lifting seriously from high school through college, you probably won’t be able to wring much out of accommodating resistance until you’re well into your twenties.

Because the releasers have to be reattached after each individual lift, they’re typically used for heavy singles.

Cams—or rotating wheels—are the favored method of transferring strength in many strength training machines.

They were popular in home gym equipment like the Soloflex and Bowflex because using bands/springs was cheaper to make and easier to store.

Taking advantage of this combination is called accommodating resistance.

If you start strapping bands and chains to every lift in your training program you’ll wear yourself out and beat up your joints.

Instead, pick and choose one or two exercises a week to provide a new stimulus or address a stalled lift or movement.

Accommodating resistance is an advanced lifting technique that can improve your explosive strength and help you target specific muscles.

Types of Accommodating Resistance Traditional barbell lifts and simple lever-based machines don’t come close to matching our natural strength curve.

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After hanging a pair of releasers from the bar, perform the lowering part of the lift.