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Dehli public sex onlain

With the commodification of men surging in recent times through advertisements in newspapers, social media and movies, there has been a concomitant, silent surge in male sex trade.

Female clients from affluent families are the ones who usually seek such mobile masseurs or escorts.

Many of these groups also have online groups or communities on social media.

When asked about escort services, one of the members from the Delhi Male Sex Workers Association said: “These pages on Facebook or other social media are just congregational points for clients looking for pleasure. The real transaction happens offline, after the payment has been made online.” Pimps offering escort services can sometimes give the client an “NRI choice” too.

“Their demands dictate the way the escort must dress up or pander to their sexual fantasies.

Apart from pleasure, these men are also showered with gifts and large sums of money,” says Archana, adding that massage centres, sauna hubs, spas have become notorious for sex trade.

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Male prostitution, both forced and voluntary, is a reality that is often forgotten in the discourse on gender rights and issues.

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