Delphi xe2 options project updating

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Delphi xe2 options project updating

The output in source code listings will display Unicode characters, but not in the other parts of the document that show comments.

If you're reading this article to solve installation issues - please read this article first.

Yet, the question remains: what's the difference?

What can you do while "debug" is active and what is included in the final executable file vs.

Some more recent (to be correct: starting from Delphi 2007) Delphi versions have two (three) default build configurations: DEBUG and RELEASE.

The Conditional Compilation 101 article does mention build configurations but does not explain the difference in details.

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Can I change this so that the lists are displayed sorted by module name, and secondly by identifier name? Is it possible to generate a list of global variables? For a given function or procedure, is it possible to see a list of all called other functions or procedures? How can I create a template for new projects, so I do not have to enter the same settings again and again? It will help you find all sorts of bugs, errors, and anomalies.

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