Delphi xe2 options project updating

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I'm a registered user, where can I find updated versions of the full program?

By default, there are three (even though in the Project Manager you only see two) build configurations created by Delphi when you start a new project. The Base configuration acts as a base set of option values that is used in all the configurations you subsequently create.

Be aware, that if you check the option "Use Delphi project options if found", the conditional defines that may be set in the options will also be used, and merged with the conditional defines that you set in the project options. How can I make my Chinese comments show up correctly in the HTML pages when using charset "Big5"?

When Unicode comments are used in the source code, the default templates will not generate the correct output.

It will list all the units that are part of your project as well as all the forms and resource files included.

The Build Configurations section will list various build configurations you have for your project.

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