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Why did you decide to form a group versus going solo?I’ve always been better on a team, whether it’s things I did with Biggie or Rick Ross.It was literally a homecoming for Diddy, a Harlem native.So instead of the refined and rehearsed offering several other cities likely received during the tour’s run, Diddy gave his hometown more, pulling several guests on stage and making it less of a Diddy-Dirty Money show and more of a nostalgic review of his Bad Boy Records heyday.(Check out the video for their steamy single “Ass on the Floor” below.) The album even gets a boost from fashion honchos Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger, and Anna Wintour, who lend spoken-word parts between songs.“A lot of the experiences on the album happened during Paris Fashion Week, so I wanted these people to hear the music first,” says Diddy.“I’ve said everything I could say as a solo artist, so I didn’t want tomake a whole album with just me,” he tells “I wouldn’t even want to buy an albumwith just me.” Diddy spent three years prepping the record, which chronicles the ups and downs of his love life and is sonically influenced by Euro-flavored club tunes.

Diddy emerged dipped in white from head to toe and the trio performed “Ass on the Floor,” “Yeah, Yeah You Would,” “Yesterday,” and even an emotional medley of Sade’s classics, including “No Ordinary Love.” Surprisingly, Diddy seemed a bit nervous up there at the start—as if uncertain of his Dirty Money material.To his credit, is an experimental hip-hop album we loved.Although as far as sales are concerned, it’s not a fan favorite (released last December, it hasn’t gone gold yet).If you follow Diddy on Twitter – and really, why wouldn’t you?– you know that the rap superstar taps out incessant musings on everything from the TV show Dexter to Jesus’ greatness.

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On your song “Shades,” there’s a lyric about making love on top of marmalade. When I became an artist, I wasn’t really prepared; I got thrown into it because of the tragic situation with Biggie.

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