Dirty cyberchat site

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Dirty cyberchat site

Here’s a thought: You are not going to die because you are HIV positive; you are going to die because you were born. Or will you scurry from one turning wheel to the next, worrying about ARVs losing its potency or being delirious because some German guy got cured of HIV…to die from, what, leukaemia? God knows I went there and sometimes still go chasing down that Bison but are we not just running away from the true lesson by chasing HIV around the block? Why not use these wings Grace has permitted you through awareness of your own mortality to soar with your remaining heartbeats?

I'm not sure if you do know, but I am in actual fact bisexual.

Yet if some says they are bisexual are we not often the first to say yea tell me another one....

Just another gay man not able to accept and embrace that he is actually gay.

I haven't come out publically, but I do now know that a certain amount of relief comes with letting your loved ones know.

I have only been able to tell one family member so far.

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Alas, there have been more guys than girls, but for some reason I keep “relapsing” (hahaha) on women.