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England gerogian era dating

Aristocrats wed other aristocrats or persons who shared their social sphere.

A title holder could (but rarely did) marry beneath him. Younger aristocratic sons, however, could be cut off completely if they married a woman from the lower classes.

So-Called Love Sheltered young brides-to-be from Britain's "Upper Ten Thousand" often thought themselves in love with gentlemen they scarcely knew.

Men, too, were known to become besotted over ladies with whom they had barely spoken.

However, royals whose marriages were arrangedas was the Prince Regent's participated in the selection and rejection of proposed suitors.

English royals typically married those born to other Protestant European royal families.

Her first cousin, who would become the 6 Duke of Devonshire, became hysterical when he learned Caroline would marry because he had always thought to marry her himself, even though she was four years his senior.

And her uncle, Earl Spencer, was furious because he'd always wanted Caroline to wed his heir.

It was unlawful in England for a woman to marry her deceased husband's brother, or for a man to marry his deceased wife's sister.Arthur Wellesley (later Wellington), a career soldier, had little exposure to well-born ladies.When he met Kitty Packenham he immediately fancied himself in love with the 27-year-old.Since there was little opportunity for intimacies, these lovelorn couples had to proclaim their marital intentions before being accorded the opportunity to initiate any intimacies.A gentleman would lose his honor were he to "cry off" a prospective marriage.

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Once they were wed, he came to know that she was also stupid and irritating to be around.

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