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Expedating com

We also help you prevent long capital stock and safeguard company reliability and integrity.

Our experts work with you to set timelines and meet payment and delivery deadlines.

In this way, the supplier secures his liquidity as he is paid immediately when the components leave his factory (letter of credit) and the customer/bank knows that the goods will be delivered correctly.

Expediting is relevant for many industries, such as the oil and gas industry, the general energy industry and the infrastructure industry.

Field expediting means the inspection and control of the expeditor on site.

This gives clients a comprehensive review of the exact current status of their order and an educated projection of the future planning and status.

These are experts from companies specializing in this field who keep track of the deadlines, supervise progress on site and check whether the components are properly packed.

Our full range of expediting services help you ensure that final delivery is made on time.

Expediting exists in several levels: As the different levels of expediting require different skills, specialists and laboratories, many third party expeditors specialize in only one or several of these levels, while few offer expediting services on all levels.

Larger companies normally have their own expeditors who can perform all four levels.

Third parties then are only used when in-house capacity is overstretched or a neutral third party is needed. of project running same time, Big companies use third party expeditors also.

Most of the time companies use third party inspector expeditors who are responsible for inspection of critical items as well as expediting.

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