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Posted by / 16-Nov-2017 16:32

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Are you one of the few people in Hong Kong who haven't seen those photographs yet?

Well, you will have to look elsewhere because I am not posting them here.

There is now a third photograph showing a woman who bore some resemblance to Cecilia Chung.

Police are investigating the case of an allegedly obscene photo of singer-actress Gillian Chung Yan-tung circulating on the internet.

Does anyone have a photograph of the bedroom of Edison Chen?

Someone went to You Tube and pulled down an Edison Chen video with a brief shot of a bedroom (which may or may not be his bedroom).

Emperor Entertainment (Hong Kong) Limited issued a statement yesterday saying it had found a photo of Chung, which was computer-modified to put her face on a half-naked girl, on the Web.

The spokesperson called on everybody to cease showing or forwarding the relevant photograph to avoid legal trouble.Other netizens began to spread that photograph to their friends and other forums.At the Hong Kong Golden Forum, more than 2,000 people posted comments within a period of five hours.Here is the mainstream media report (Ming Pao via Recently, people have been posting a simulated photograph of Emperor Entertainment Group artistes Gillian Chung and Edison Chen in bed.Emperor Entertainment Group has filed a police report.

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I am telling you about this story so that you can prepare yourself for tomorrow's newspaper coverage.