Forensic science ink dating

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Forensic science ink dating

There is, however, circumstantial evidence that such a meeting did happen, and it influenced Kennedys policies on space cooperation and UFOs.The first set of circumstantial evidence concerns Kennedys certain knowledge of UFOs and human looking extraterrestrials.Furthermore, the claim that Kennedy had knowledge of UFO crash retrieval operations is supported by British UFO researcher Timothy Good. He had obviously been informed of their existence and wished to see for himself the evidence According to information received, the alien bodies were taken to Florida when Kennedy went to see them [at] a medical facility." If the leaked document and/or the military whistleblower are accurate, then President Kennedy was aware of the reality of extraterrestrial life and technology.If Kennedy was so interested in seeing dead alien bodies during the early part of his administration, then it is very plausible that he would have accepted an invitation to meet with live extraterrestrials as Adamski claimed.The film was subsequently analyzed by three independent photo/film image experts.One of these was Major Hans Peterson from the Danish Air Force who had also worked at the Danish NATO exchange office in Washington DC.The video contains a number of interviews with individuals that personally knew Adamski and were privy to the unique circumstances of his alleged contacts with extraterrestrials., a former Royal Air Force pilot, Irish Lord and cousin to Winston Churchill, related his own investigation of Adamski.

Adamski filmed the saucer using her camera when she was unable to film it herself due difficulties from a recovering broken leg.Prior to the sighting, she saw three young men arriving in an Oldsmobile who told Adamski to get ready to film the flying saucer.Adamski told Rodeffer that they were part of a human looking contingent of extraterrestrials living among humanity.A second set of circumstantial evidence concerns that claims that Kennedy knew, while serving in the U. Congress, about UFO crashes and the recovery of alien bodies.As a former Naval Intelligence officer, Kennedy was deemed reliable to receive such highly classified information.

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, confirmed that Kennedy was aware of UFOs and human looking extraterrestrials.