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IAVCEI RELATED ACTIVITIES IN ROMANIA 1 ROMANIA - ROUMANIE Adhering Organization Romanian Academy RNCGG Secretariat P. A program of nival meteorology has started in February 2004, after a preparation period, under the coordination of Meteo France, "Centre d'Etudes de la Neige” - Grenoble, purposely tailored to meet the demand for information related to snow cover, and investigate the avalanche-generating conditions.

On the other hand, high mountain areas of Romania have associated avalanche risk.

In order to assess the avalanche risk, nival measurements, meteorological conditions evolution and geomorphologic data are used as input data in a model to determinate the avalanche risk according to the European risk scale. The team of Remote Sensing and GIS laboratory from National Meteorological Administration (Bucharest, Romania) has developed tools to assess the water accumulated in snow cover in order to contribute to the prevention of flood risks and water management for hydronergy.

The National Meteorological Administration ( and West University of Timisoara, Department of Geography are the leading institutions for snow and avalanches related activities (figure 1). Meteorological centers (red stars for those involved in avalnches risk assessment) and meteorological mountain stations (white triangle), including those for which the avalanche risk is operationally estimated (red triangles). Mircea Voiculescu (West University of Timisoara, Department of Geography) have investigated avalanche hazards in the Fgra massif, a representative mountain unit in the Southern Carpathians that is dominant due to its glacial and periglacial relief, high 11 altitudes and high avalanche risk. Evaluation of water accumulated in snow cover using teledetection for Arge basin/Vidraru Lake area (Romania).

Petre IAHS National Correspondent National Institute of Hydrology and Water T: 40 F: 40 Management [email protected] Sos. The possibility of presenting a quite comprehensive volume is a consequence of the continuous improvements in the organizational policy of the RNCGG, by appointing a new national correspondent (IACS) as well as new members and secretaries of the associations’ committees. Dorel ZUGRAVESCU Corresponding Member of the Romanian Academy ROMANIAN ACADEMY ROMANIAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE OF GEODESY AND GEOPHYSICS Secretariat: PO Box 31-54 024270 Bucharest ROMANIA Phone: 12; 40-722-786 434 Fax: 056 Email: [email protected] H NATIONAL COMMITTEE: President: Dorel ZUGRAVESCU, Corresponding Member of the Romanian Academy [email protected] H Members: Mihail IANAS Dumitru IOANE [email protected] [email protected]: H H Secretary General: Constantin Stefan SAVA [email protected] NATIONAL CORRESPONDENTS: IAG: Johann NEUNER [email protected] IASPEI: Dumitru ENESCU Crisan DEMETRESCU [email protected] [email protected] H H IAVCEI: Alexandru SZAKACS [email protected] H IAGA: Andrei SOARE [email protected] H IAMAS: Gheorghe STANCALIE Sabina STEFAN H H IAHS: Petre STANCIU [email protected] H IAPSO: Nicolae PANIN H IACS: Roxana BOJARIU [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] 6 NATIONAL REPORT Co-ordinator: Constantin Stefan SAVA Editors: IAG: Tiberiu RUS IAGA: Gabriela CUCU, Dumitru STANICA Sorin RADAN IAMAS: Gheorghe STANCALIE, Sabina STEFAN, Sorin BURCEA IASPEI: Dumitru ENESCU Crisan DEMETRESCU IAVCEI: Alexandru SZAKACS IACS: Roxana BOJARIU Erna TUDOSE IAHS: Ada PANDELE IAPSO: Florin DUTU 7 ROMANIAN ACADEMY ROMANIAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE OF GEODESY AND GEOPHYSICS IACS ACTIVITIES IN ROMANIA 2007 - 2011 Prepared for the XXV IUGG General Assembly Melbourne, 2011 8 NATIONAL REPORT ON CRYOSPHERIC SCIENCES IACS RELATED ACTIVITIES IN ROMANIA 2007-2011 Romanian IACS Committee National Correspondents: Dr. Bucureti-Ploieti 97 013686, Bucharest, Romania Tel: 140; Fax: 143 2) Romanian Polar Institute 1 Libertatii Blvd, Bucharest - 4, Romania Tel/fax:0040213372986 9 FOREWORD The present report describes the activities carried out in Romania in the field covered by the “Cryosphere” section of the National Romanian Committee of Geodesy and Geophysics.

Gheorghe IAMAS National Correspondent National Administration of Meteorology Sos. 97 013686 Bucharest ROMANIA T: 40 F: 40 [email protected] STANCIU Dr. Alexandru IAVCEI National Correspondent Sapientia University Environment Sciences Department 4 Matei Corvin Street 400112 Cluj-Napoca ROMANIA T: 40 21 741 534 405 F: 40 264 593 693 [email protected] ZUGRAVESCU Prof. Dorel President, National Committee Institute of Geodynamics "Saaba S. This report, conceived as an ensemble that allows the interested reader to get an accurate image upon the activity in geodesy and geophysics in Romania, includes the interval 2007-2011. Andrei Diamandi1) [email protected] Secretary: Erna Tudose 1) [email protected] 1) National Meteorological Administration Sos.

Professor Petru Urdea has contributed with these studies to Data and Information Service for Cli C ( Stanica: Vrancea zone geodynamics and the explanation of the earthquakes mechanism, Abstracts Volume at JPGU Meeting, May 2009, Chiba, Japan. Lucian BESUTIU Institute of Geodynamics "Saba Stefanescu" Fax: 40-21-3 E-mail: [email protected] Romanian Academy Secretary Phone: 40-21-243 36 21 Dr.

Recent investigations tackle glacial and periglacial geomorphology in ureanu Mountains, too. Tiberiu RUS Fax: 40-21-242 07 93 Technical University of Civil Engineering E-mail: [email protected] Bucharest National Report on Geodetic and Geophysical Activities in Romania - ISBN 973-0-03124-x Contributions in Geodesy 61 Section I: POSITIONING AND REFERENCE FRAMES 1.

The rocks exposed near the center of the anomaly are Late Archean in age. Starting 1999, when it was installed the first GPS permanent station in Romania at the Faculty of Geodesy - Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest (BUCU) in cooperation with Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy Frankfurt a. (Germany), the new methods of global satellite positioning were introduced in Romania.

Many impact structures are covered by younger sediments, others are highly eroded or heavily modified by erosion, only few impact craters being well preserved on the surface. Vladimirescu: Surveying the seismic hazard by using ground based analysis of Earth's electromagnetic field, EGU, Geophysical Research Abstracts, Volume 11, April, Vienna, Austria, 2009, ISSN: 1029-7006. The National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration (NACLR) under Ministry of Administration and Interior is the state responsible institution for geodetic and mapping activities in Romania.

Vredefort is Earth's oldest and largest impact structure, and so it is our best analogue for the giant Martian impact basins. From a self financing public institution NACLR was transformed since 2009 in a state budget institution.

The crater has a diameter of roughly 250 - 300 km, larger than the 200 km Sudbury Basin and the 170 km Chicxulub crater, and their magnetic signature has been discussed previously. NACLR includes the national mapping activities and 42 Cadastre and Land Registration Offices.

However, one of the most intriguing potential impact structure is the Bangui magnetic anomaly. Stanica, A specific ground-base monitoring system for the landslides activity, 19-th IAGA -WG1.2. As research and production institution acts the National Centre for Geodesy, Cartography, Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.

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The presence of permafrost in the area was also indicated by BTS measurements, and by the low temperatures (30 km diameter), cataloging them in order to obtain information about the impact crater magnetic signatures, positions, shapes and diameters. The professional bodies reorganized and for geodetic activities the Geodesists Order was created by Law 17/2006 for organizing the geodesists profession according to the Law 7/1996 – Cadastre and Real Estate law.