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Gilbert christian dating

Gilbert Christian Schools may admit children who have not reached the required age if it is determined by administration that it is in the best interest of the children.

Such children must reach the required age of five prior to October 1st of the current school year.

We would very much like to meet you and encourage you to tour our school and campus.

We appreciate your interest and hope to assist you any way we can.

Tuition covers all classroom supplies, as well as instruments for Grades 1-3.

Students must rent their stringed instrument starting in the 4th grade.

Students are guaranteed placement on a semester basis.

If enrollment changes and space in a classroom is not available for the following semester, the parent will be notified.

Part-time students are not eligible to receive a Gilbert Christian Schools Diploma.

If their first class is any period other than first period, they check in at the office.

They will remain in the office until the previous period ends.

If the student’s last class is the last period of the day, they leave campus as all other students.

If the student’s last class is any period other than the last period of the day, they must check out in the office immediately following their last period.

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Students will not officially graduate from GCS; however, they may participate in all Graduation events, including the Senior Trip, Senior Dinner, and Graduation Ceremony.

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